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Commercial Trucking

Gas and Diesel Prices are Reaching Record Highs

What do the experts know about gas prices, diesel prices, and how you can prevent driving into a financial mess! Gas and diesel prices are …

Commercial Trucking

Truck Drivers & Owner Operators Should Get Paid Faster

Trucking is very hard work. Truck drivers and Owner Operators are very hard working people. Hard working people want to and should get paid well …

Commercial Trucking

Are Nuclear Verdicts a Threat to the Future of the Trucking Industry?

What is a Nuclear Verdict? A Nuclear Verdict is a jury award of $10 million or more in any one case. They’re becoming more frequent …

Trucks, Trucking and Truck Insurance

is a very technical business be sure you have an agent / broker on your side who understands YOUR business as well as theirs. GW Truck Insurance understands your business and ours.
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